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RBI Systems is a full service data processing bureau that serves Los Angeles and Orange County. In today’s complex, computerized world it can be difficult to find a source for tying together the pieces needed for an effective personalized package. You may have multiple list sources, a copywriter, graphics and design people all within different systems. This works well until you bring them together. What you need is one source with the knowledge and experience as well as the right equipment to bring these items together to generate the output that you require.

We are made up of consulting marketing experts. Everyone at RBI Systems has thorough knowledge of the psychology of advertising. Our team offers a variety of targeted marketing strategies that complement all industries! Our ROI calculator and unique approach allows us to offer clean, sharp and smart advertising. We provide direct mail advertising and customer consulting that helps get more business and/or funding. Our direct mail campaigns can help get your business in front of the masses. From Shopper Cards and postcards to carefully crafted letters, brochures, fliers, we will help you create and develop your brand. We will guide you and help you identify with what is going to work for you. Whether it’s getting more business or fundraising, our services will help you become more successful in all your business endeavors.

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