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Have you tried direct mail before only to realize it’s reach was not as broad as you hoped it would be? Allow us to figure out what you and your organization needs to succeed. We will take a look at your business and make recommendations on how to improve your business and grow your profits.

Our target marketing services are among the best around Los Angeles, Orange County and throughout Southern California. We identify customers and promote products and services via mediums that will reach potential clients. Our service classifies potential customers, pinpoints their preferred content, and then builds a strategy aimed at the group you are targeting. We understand the numbers game, which is why we use target mail campaigns for businesses that want specific clientele.

Our direct mail campaigns will give your business a leg up from the masses. From shopper cards and postcards, to carefully crafted letters, brochures and flyers, we can do it all. Our team can help you identify the right market strategy for your business or organization.

Whether it’s growing clientele or fundraising, we will come up with a variety of campaigns to test your market. Target marketing is based on the buyer’s persona that is derived from a customer’s demographic, age, race, frequently visited websites/blogs/video channels, and other similar information. With RBI's skills in combining various types of relatable information to create a cohesive and effective campaign, organizations and businesses can productively promote products to the intended audience.

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