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RBI Systems offers shared space mailer services for all kinds of businesses in Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer marketing and advertising campaign solutions for a variety of companies. Whether it is a shared space mailer for local small businesses or a targeted direct mail advertising campaign, we will find a solution that works for you. Our services will give your company a professional appearance and can deliver even in time critical situations. We take pride in being a unique company who has a full mail house that handles entire mail campaigns. RBI can do it all: Printing, folding, inserting, stuffing, stamping, sorting and high volume printing! Our help can save you time, so that you can focus on your customers and business.

Mailers are more forgiving when shipping goods of various sizes. They require less padding and packaging materials, which make them low maintenance. Instead of worrying about assembly, tape, packing, let us do that for you. We use our return on investment calculator and unique approach in the clean sharp and smart advertising to call our customers to action.

Our thorough knowledge of the psychology of advertising allows us to help our customers get more business and funding. We will make sure your business reaches a larger audience in order to attract new and local customers. If you are interested in our Shopper Card, get in touch with us today.

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Shared space advertising is great for:

  • Retail businesses/businesses in strip malls
  • Companies that have a good product
  • Businesses that need exposure
  • New businesses

Benefits of Shopper Cards:

  • Direct mail campaigns for local customers within a specified region
  • Advertorial
  • Clean, sharp, modern
  • Eye catching
  • Saves money on postage
  • Stands out among the average junk mail
  • Shared ad space on a single mailer saves money
  • Can be targeted by location that surrounds your business
  • EDDM post office program: Mailer will reach everyone on your mailman’s route
  • Larger reach which helps bring in new and local customers
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Shop the best without even leaving town!
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